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Thu 01 Apr 2004

Panther Server on Xserve

Category : Commentary/stuffOnXserveList.txt

We're going to get an Xserve from Leon at Apple tomorrow. It's for the Sun Tech Day. I'm making a list of the things we're trying to get loaded on this machine :

OS X Server 10.3.3 and Java 1.4.2.

Xcode 1.1, Eclipse, NetBeans, JBuilder, and IntelliJ's IDEA to show the array of development tools that OS X can support.

MySQL and Oracle. Plus the CVS system.

Luca, our accounting application, hopefully both as a Cocoa application as well as on the web. And all of our Java demos that we built for the "Java on OS X" course.

Plus, some demos from Leon's iDisk that I hadn't looked at yet.

So if you're in Singapore on the 20th and 21st of April and want to see all these working on an Xserve, come and visit the Apple booth at Sun Tech Day, at The Stamford.

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