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Fri 08 Oct 2004

The Speedtouch ST570 All-In-One Wireless Modem

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In case anybody is thinking of trying it out, I've upgraded to Singnet's 1500 kbps plan from the 512 kbps plan and got a free Speedtouch ST570 ADSL All-In-One wireless modem, which includes installation.

Of course, the Singtel counter staff will say they're not sure if it'll support the Mac. (Note that this is already better than it was before, when you get a flat-out "no, we don't support the Mac, and probably never will"). So I just said that I was using a PC, and did have a laptop ready.

After the technician finished his installation, and got my laptop connected to the wireless station, I showed him how much faster I could get my iBook up and running and doing the same thing (it took a lot less steps than what he needed to do with my laptop - he had to go to the command line on the laptop and I was wondering how any ordinary PC user would know how to do ipconfig / release - or something like that).

So he said he was very impressed. He didn't know the Mac could do all that, and that it was all so easy, and that he's going to consider buying an iBook, too. He could do all those Unix stuff (plus iTunes and all that, of course).

Installing the wireless modem from scratch looks easy enough, if you want to do everything yourself from the Mac.

So, just in case the Singtel counter staff tells anybody differently, the modem does support the Mac (though it's 802.11/b rather than g, i.e., Airport classic rather than Airport Extreme, but it's free and that's probably good enough).

And it's freed up my Airport Express. There are a few things I mean to try out now that I can move my Airport Express around.

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