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Mon 19 Jun 2006

About the AEBS Firmware Update 5.7 & iChat AV

Category : Technology/AEBS5dot7.txt

The last time I updated my Airport Base Station with the 5.6 firmware update, I promptly lost connection with my ISP. Something went wrong with PPPoE and the Base Station refused to connect with the ISP. I had to revert the firmware back to 5.5.1 to salvage the base station.

This time, the 5.7 firmware update went much better. Apple seems to have fixed the PPPoE problem, whatever that was.

I've needed to update the base station to test out iChat AV on my iMac, which seems to require a base station with at least a 5.6 firmware update, if you're sitting behind an Airport Base Station.

Hai Hwee has a new MacBook, and a black one, too, and I've now someone to talk to over iChat AV.

It's working well and this is great (I'd be able to see my wife and kid even when I travel). Even over Airport. Imagine connecting up a few retail outlets with these Intel-based iMacs, and using the built-in camera to double-up also as a bar-code reader. I'd like to figure out how this can be made to work, but I can already see the business processes this can be made to support. As usual, there's so much to do, and so little time ...

I had this email last week from Yves Filiatro, whom I was helping with MailServe :
"I don't know how old you are but I am amazed by the changes that happened in the last century, it is not long ago that the first flight was made by the wright brothers and now I don't even have to go to take my car to the post office to buy a stamp to post my letter and to wait a few weeks to get an answer from you. Just a thought as I think we take all of this for granted too often. Good night from the other side of the world".

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