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Thu 27 Mar 2003

Colour My World

Category : Technology/C1900delivered.txt

Our Epson C1900 Colour Laser Printer arrived today. It occupies less space than the monochrome Apple Laserwriter 16/600 it is replacing. (Incidentally the 16/600, which we called LookSharp, served us well for almost nine years without a single breakdown, until it just up and died. It's quality like that which created the Apple mystic.)

The Epson has got AppleTalk on it. So we can print to it over the network even without loading any Epson driver. With Epson drivers, we can print via USB, AppleTalk, and TCP/IP. I haven't got Epson's Postscript drivers for OS X yet. But, with minimal amount of fiddling, the printer is already quite usable. This is what we can do now...

Colour prints are great, but text printing doesn't look quite as refined as those produced by our old Laserwriter. Will need to see what else I can tweak when I get hold of OS X Postscript drivers. Stay tuned.

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