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Mon 01 Aug 2005

DNS Enabler 1.1.5

Category : Technology/DNSEnabler115.txt

This is how DNS Enabler is shaping up. A couple of more things - get it to handle CIDR (Classless Interdomain Routing) formatting (I lost it in the re-write) and make it more forgiving of user errors - and I should be able to release it. I hope it would be soon because I found a bug in 1.1.4 (when it's serving more than one domain and the user re-sorts the table).

This shows DNS Enabler handling the data entry of a domain described in Chapter 4 of the Paul Albitz/Cricket Liu book, DNS and BIND.

I started with a very simple design to get DNS running on a local network with the minimum of data entry. Then I got a bit more ambitious (maybe I got carried away), while trying to hang on to the same basic design. I've tried to cut away as many things as I could but I don't think I can prune any more. Everything that is there is there for a reason.

DNS Enabler is now able to handle multiple virtual domains, local as well as public networks (I hope to prove this soon), multiple sub-nets, aliases, MX records (including specifying back-up servers on other networks), multi-homing (one IP address shared by many hosts from different domains or each host on its own IP address or one host name spread across many IP addresses), and creating the right number of reverse pointer and CNAME records.

And it does it all on one window, across just three columns, which can now be freely sorted - with the primary host name on the left, its IP address in the middle, and its function on the right (e.g., whether it is also known by another name, or whether it acts as the domain's mail server, and whether it has an associated back-up mail server, etc.)

I hope by tomorrow evening this will be out. Then I can go back to doing a standalone version of WebMon that will work locally on the server machine (and that doesn't depend on a remote SSH connection being set up, which is a needless complication if you just want to set up WebDAV, PHP, and SSL).

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