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Fri 02 Oct 2009

DNS Enabler 4.0.3

Category : Technology/DNSEnabler4dot0dot3.txt

I've been working on DNS Enabler for Snow Leopard. I've released DNS Enabler 4.0.3, a day after releasing 4.0.2, because while working on adding CIDR-formatted IP address support to 4.0.2, I've realised that people do use DNS Enabler to manage a whole lot of domains.

So, that one line data entry field for Virtual Domains is getting to be vastly inadequate. (And that goes the same for MailServe).

I've extended the length of that field, for the moment, while I take some think about how I should be handling this going forward :

I'm very happy seeing these CIDR addresses (e.g., in DNS Enabler because those slashes had been rather difficult to handle - they messed with sed when I do text substitution in the Unix scripts. And you're only asking for trouble when you name Unix files with a slash in their name. But I got that sorted out in the end and learnt a few more things about Unix shell programming along the way.

By now I think, comparing features, DNS Enabler is on par with the Quick DNS Pro from Men and Mice that I used to use from some time back. Maybe it can already do some things better and faster. But if I can add BIND views and custom BIND options support, now that would be really taking things forward quite a bit. And I remember paying $200/$300 for Quick DNS Pro then. If only I can find the cheek to charge that much for DNS Enabler :-)

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