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Thu 01 Mar 2007

Disneyland for Developers

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I heard that phrase some weeks ago, I'm not sure where. I'm now fully on to Leopard, running it full-time on a MacBook, and I feel like I'm in it - this is Disneyland for Developers. So much to explore, and so fun.

But a Leopard launch for end March? I certainly doubt it. It looks like we have some ways to go yet.

Ideally I should have two machines running Leopard - one that's kept at the base-line fresh-install state so I can use that to compare against the changes I'm making to the other system. But I haven't the resources.

I've been very careful to note the state of the system after a fresh install. But even then I'm always wondering if a file is there or wasn't there, or wiped out by something I was doing. So I've clean-installed the system at least three times now to check.

This is back-breaking work. WebMon doesn't work because the web server's changed (for the better!, I think). I can't yet start up the dns server using DNS Enabler. And anyone who hacks Postfix Enabler/MailServe to set up the mail server on Leopard now is just going to mess up his system. I can't even get Luca to compile. So there's quite a lot of things waiting to be straightened out.

I have that Jackson Browne song going through my head - "I dropped my life and couldn't find the pieces".

I'm going to clean up MailServe, DNS Enabler and WebMon so they'll all work with Leopard, and see what new things I can build into them (from reviewing the mail I had been getting). Then I'm going to get back to building on Luca and Maven.

Understandably, Leopard's not stable yet. And I hate it when some of the things I've grown to love and trust have been changed, and not necessarily for the better. But there's so much new technology out there now that's just crying out to be exploited. So that's keeping the interest strong in spite of the instability. I don't know about other people, but I can do this forever.

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