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Fri 25 Mar 2011

Downloading Xcode 4.0.1

Category : Technology/DownloadingXcode4dot0dot1.txt

There's a new Xcode version 4.0.1 for download from Apple Developer Connection. Just in time to try my new download speed.

Everything is working well so far with my new broadband plan. Except for one thing. I don't seem to be able to connect my Mac directly to the broadband modem anymore via PPPoE, bypassing the Airport Extreme Base Station.

I think I've tried everything - like switching off the modem completely to drain it of all power and to clear out any "memory" problems with the previous connection - but the Mac refuses to connect.

Just to make sure it's not just a Mac-only problem, I tried it also with the Singnet technician's Windows laptop. Was perversely happy to see that that didn't work either.

Maybe I need to reset the modem. Hadn't tried that yet. But that would mean bringing the site down again. Didn't want to do that.

Will try again when maybe I get a parallel duplicate broadband line that I can devote to doing such testing. I do have a Mio TV connection that could have its Internet connection activated - maybe with the new 200 Mbps optic fibre connection (that comes with a 100 Mbps upload path, so downloads from my site go that much faster). That may look like quite attractive but I don't think I can afford that yet.

P.S.: In the time I took to write this, Xcode 4.0.1 is already halfway downloaded, at my new 15 Mbps download speed. That's a 4.3 GB download. If I have a 200 Mbps line, that would all have come down in a jiffy. Whatever speed you have, you will always want more.

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