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Mon 02 May 2011


Category : Technology/Duomo.txt

This my GoLive/Dreamweaver replacement. It's tentatively called DuoMo, as in the Duomo, a cathedral. I was reading Ken Follett's Pillars of the Earth, when I started work on it and felt that building a website, or an OS X/iPhone/iPad app, for that matter, is a lot like building a cathedral.


I was using BBEdit to write my weblog entries but I've always wanted a wysiwyg (do people still say wysiwyg? what you see is what you get?) editor, that'll look exactly like my weblog entry on my actual web page, and where I don't have to enter HTML markups like <b>bold</b> for bold text, or to set the paragraph style, like :

This is a comment.

Or where I can simply drag an image into the blog entry and the app would bring the image over to the right folder (and possibly scale it to fit the weblog page). And where I can create a web link just by control-clicking on a text range and entring the link address. 

No more messing with HTML. Plus unlimited Undo support.


It's all done with the magic of editable WebKit, which is the basis for the Safari web browser.

That's why I've been hoping for an editable WebKit for the iPhone or iPad from Apple. That'll allow me to build something like this to update my weblog while on the move, which, strangely, is when I've often felt like I've got something to say. So far, WebKit is still not editable on iOS.

So, this is a closeup of the blog editor I built into DuoMo :


So far I've managed to make DuoMo workable even over a very slow web connection, as when you're using the iPhone 4's Personal HotSpot feature to share your 3G connection with your MacBook. In such a case, GoLIve won't even work, with the spinning beach ball going on and on forever and you have to Force-Quit GoLive when you try to connect back to your web server. 

Doing a sync with the home site is still rather slow with DuoMo (if via the iPhone's shared 3G connection, but it'll simply fly over WiFi because I've spent hours figuring out where the app spends its network connection time) but that's the great thing about writing your own code and building your own tools. I feel that I should be able to fix that also somehow, given time.

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