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Thu 08 Mar 2012

Liya Updated

Category : Technology/Liya205.txt

I've a new version of Liya for the Mac, as well as for the iPhone and iPad (which are awaiting review). It's version 2.0.5 for Mac OS X Lion.

The update contain some bug fixes. And it also includes updated database connectors to match the latest versions of MySQL (5.5.21), PostgreSQL (9.1.2) and SQLite3 (3.7.10).

Also, Liya will now do everything on a Postgres database that it can currently do with a MySQL database.


For example, Liya can now do data entry and searches for data in fields with quotes, double-quotes, apostrophes, umlauts, diacriticals, any human language (like Traditional or Simplified Chinese or Tamil), and even partial date strings, for both MySQL and PostgreSQL databases, and it will do it consistently across Mac, iPhone or iPad devices. 


By the way, the script displayed in the picture above is in Tamil and it means, "We, the citizens of Singapore", which I took from the Singapore Pledge WikiPage.

P.S. : I'll be going back to bring Luca for Lion up to date with these improvements.

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