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Fri 11 Nov 2011

Liya for iPad

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I just did a version of Liya for the iPad. It's now available at the iOS App Store.


I'm now working on Luca, the accounting system. I'm doing three versions. Two for Lion, one of which will, hopefully, go to the Mac App Store and have support for iCloud (and conform to Apple's Sandboxing rules) but it'll only use the built-in SQLite database.. The other, we'll sell on our own site and will have the usual support for MySQL and PostgreSQL.

Then there's a third version - Luca for the iPad. It's not quite so easy to port an app from the Mac to the iPad, especially one that exploits the ability to launch multiple windows to offer the user multiple views of the same data. The single window on the iPad does initially feel like a straightjacket. I'm still not sure how this could be done.

P.S.: After this, I have to go back to the server apps. The API calls that I've been using to do most of the magic are going away. What if we can't install our own apps on our Macs beside those Apple-sanctioned ones from the App Store? That'll be the time to find another platform to pour the heart into.

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