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Sat 12 Aug 2006

Luca 2.2 with MySQL

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I've released Luca 2.2 with support for storing the accounting data in a MySQL database. I've also written the import/export code to shuttle the data between SQLite and MySQL, and back.

I realised then that I've got the basis of the code to do a "universal" SQL data converter, to shuttle data between any kind of SQL database. If I have time, I'll take a look at PostgreSQL or Oracle. (Now, look how richly endowed we all are on the Mac. Who would have thought?)

Luca is getting more stable now and working faster. There are probably a few more bugs lurking inside the system but I thought I'd better get this out as it's quite usable now, and I've made some improvements to the workflow and made several bug fixes. I hope that by the next release, I can be sure that Luca will be thoroughly reliable.

I'm going to stress-test this release next. I've already seen where it's still breaking. But I've worked hard to get to this point and release it because I want this idea to take hold in people's minds - that you can really do a lot on the Mac.

With this release, people who want to integrate an accounting system to the rest of the custom, say, PHP-based workflow that they've built can now do it. The database is open and you can flow your data onto it or get data out of it in ways that I cannot even anticipate now.

And you can get at your accounting data even when you're half-way round the world. I've yet to put in the concurrency-handling code. But we've done this years ago while it was still a 4th Dimension-cum-Oracle-based system (though that would never have worked outside a local area network) and so I know we can do it.

I'll get to the point one day when all these things - MailServe, WebMon, DNS Enabler, Luca, etc - will all come together and make sense as one seamless whole. I have an idea what that is but I can't yet explain, even to myself, what that means. I'm learning as I go.

They say (actually it was Steve Jobs) that you shouldn't start a company just because you want to start a company. You start a company because nobody else believed in an idea and the only way you can get it out of your system (and keep from going crazy) is to go out and build it on your own.

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