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Fri 06 Oct 2006

Luca 2.3 Relesed

Category : Technology/Luca2dot3.txt

I've released Luca 2.3 to run on OS X 10.4.8.

All the Preference Settings and Utility windows are now consolidated into one single Luca Preferences window, below :

(leaving Luca with just two menus - one for Accounts and the other for Journal)

Currency display formats and decimal number precision can now be set for individual currencies (e.g., the Japanese yen has no decimal places and you can now set this, as shown below, by setting Max fraction digits to 0) :

Instead of having its own Utility window, you can now check the status of the accounting period (e.g., whether you had closed the accounts for a certain month) in the Periods pane in the Preferences :

Certain accounts play important roles in the accounting system, e.g., you need to have an account to post Foreign Exchange Gain/Loss amounts to, and you need an account to post the year's Retained Earnings to, and you need to set up Checking Accounts that are linked to your bank accounts. This is now made clearer in the following Preference pane, which you can also use to assign a different account to play the selected role instead (if you had not yet made any postings to that special account) :

Finally, some changes have been made to Luca's database structure. You can use the following Preference Pane to upgrade an older Luca database :

To update an older MySQL database, re-import it into LucaDB (the built-in SQLite database), using the second button shown above. And then Export it back into MySQL. That should effect the database change.

The third button, shown above, is to allow the user to re-use an older SQLite-based Luca database. Just click on the button and show Luca where that previous SQLite LucaDB database is stored.

Of course, the whole point of this 2.3 release is to take advantage of Cocoa's NSDecimalNumber class to improve the numeric accuracy of Luca's data handling, and MySQL's ability to store these data objects as an equivalent Decimal data type. With this release I've eliminated the rounding errors associated with the use of floating point numbers, though some of this remains if we use the SQLite database since SQLite does not yet support the Decimal number format. But at least we've made some significant progress in business computing. And on the Mac, no less.

I have been holding on to a French localisation of Luca, contributed by Corentin Cras-Méneur, for almost two months already, while I was working on these changes. I'll be working on getting this released, next. Sorry, Corentin, for the delay. Fortunately I hadn't known in advance how much work I would have to put in to effect all these changes - if I did, I may not have had the heart to start them in the first place.

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