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Thu 30 Nov 2006

Maven beta 0.3

Category : Technology/Maven0dot3beta.txt

I've released Maven beta 0.3. It's now able to modify, delete and add data rows in the Contents table view. You can save these changes back safely to the database, or revert to the last saved status or revert selected rows. And I've enabled printing, plus you can drag & drop the data rows into Excel.

I'll work on the Structure table view, next, so we can alter the table structure, and add or delete fields, indices, and constraints. This is really going to be the crux of why I'm doing Maven (and not just as a CocoaMySQL alternative). I want to be able to get the data in and out of databases with surgical precision and use the database connectivity frameworks that I'm building to hide the differences in data types between SQLite, MySQL and PostgreSQL.

I really ought to be working on Luca, e.g., to add the ability to compute and record different tax rates on each line item so our Canadian friends can use it, as well as to add the invoicing and inventory modules. But I believe that the time I'm spending now on Maven, to improve the database connectivity frameworks, will pay back in terms of increased productivity and a greater ability to leverage the power of databases, when I get back to doing Luca and its add-ons.

And, to whet your appetite as to what we can expect, increasingly, to see the Mac do, here's a link that Kevin Mickey sent me about what someone had done to enable barcode scanning using the Mac's built-in isight camera - The picture below shows Bruji's BarcodeScanner application scanning a barcode into the Mac using my Intel iMac's built-in camera :

And, to complete the cycle, I went and found another site that demonstrates how to get those barcodes printed in the first place, from a Cocoa application, without needing special barcode fonts - :

And so, you see, the Mac can do some amazing things. There's iCal integration with Address Book, Open Directory, and email-iCal-To Do integration. There are lots of things we can do. (My particular dream is to put these things together so they work seamlessly.)

If you're a soccer fan, you know the saying, that the great strikers like Ruud van Nistelrooy, they don't go where the ball is - they move to where they think the ball is likeliest to fall next. It's the same here. You see all these stuff happening on the Mac and you know you're heading towards the most productive time to be a Mac developer. And it's gonna be the most rewarding time, ever, to be a Mac user.

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