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Mon 01 Aug 2011

More on MySQL 5.5 on Lion

Category : Technology/MySQL5dot5LionMore.txt

Okay, I'm sure by now that we can't build MySQL 5.5.15 from source on OS X Lion. I'll wait for 5.5.16 to be released and try again.

Am I the only one trying to do this? Nothing else turns up on Google. You can build MySQL 5.5.15 from source on Snow Leopard (32/64 bit fat binary) and that will run on Lion but what i was going for was getting everything built and run on Lion.

I also tried building MySQL Connector/C 6.0.2 on Lion (which is needed to build our database access frameworks at the client ends, like on Mac, iPhone and iPad). That will build OK and I can get a fat 32/64 bit Intel binary. But when I run it, I get lots of NSAutoReleasePools errors. Seems like something to do with threads, and if it were so, then that's like the problem we're having building the whole MySQL 5.5 server on Lion (which failed at doing something like pthreads).

Anyway, I only have a vague understanding of what I'm doing here, at least right now. Will need to do more digging. But I'm sure we'll sort this out. They always get sorted out. Eventually. I'm the rational optimist.

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