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Sun 26 Feb 2012

MySQLConnector/C and NSAutoReleasePool 

Category : Technology/MySQLConnector.txt

Finally, I can find someone else who sees the same problem as me. There's an excellent page describing how to build libmysqlclient.a from source for both iOS, iPhoneSimulator and Mac OS X. And a code example for iOS, on how to use it. 

So it's good to see a comment from someone who sees the NSAutoReleasePool problems after calling mysql_init(). I was wondering why I seem to be the only one having the problem. And I've been working on this for a long time.

I can build a usable libmysqlclient.a from the MySQL 5.5.21 source. And I'm now working out how to build a similar fat static library for iOS and Simulator.

But it'll be great to be able to build one directly from the MySQLConnector/C source, mainly because it'll not be complicated by the normal MySQL 5.5.x release cycles.

That's why we're so near, with the help from those pages I referenced above, and just a little bit too far, at this point.

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