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Fri 22 Jul 2011

OS X Lion's AFP

Category : Technology/OSXLionAFP.txt

OS X Lion doesn't support FTP, i.e., you can't share files from one machine to another using FTP. It's all AFP (Apple Filing Protocol) now.

I've been building my own Adobe GoLive/Dreamweaver replacement because I want to be Adobe-free on my Macs. (I'm now totally free of any Microsoft product). It's called Duomo. But when I try to connect to my server, so I can upload this blog entry (I built a blog editor into Duomo so I can see what the blog entry looks like, exactly, as I am typing it), I got an error with AFP. But I'm sure I tested this with the developers' GM version of Lion and it was OK. So this is a mystery and it makes me worry about what else might break.

P.S. : I've been installing and re-installing Lion today. I thought I had finally settled on a fully equipped system on my iMac today, with the developer resources all set up properly so I can finally dive deeper (and much deeper) into Lion and Lion Server. But I found I made the partition too small for what I planned to do and, for some reason, I couldn't use Disk Utilities to increase the partition size. So back to doing another installation. Hope this will be really it, so I can get back to work.

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