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Tue 03 Aug 2004

Oracle 10g on OS X

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We've got Oracle 10g running on OS X. This is the Oracle Database 10g Early Adopters' Release 2 for Mac OS X.

It's supposed to need OS X Panther Server but we've managed to install and run it on a normal OS X Panther machine. But the installation process seems to have gotten so much harder. Even I could handle Oracle 9i but, for 10g, we've got to send in the commandos (command-line-philiac people like Chiang Hai Hwee).

We're testing it by running Luca (our Accounting application) over it. This is what we've found so far, in comparison to running Luca over MySQL.

The first one is minor. There are some incompatible SQL statements, due to the differences in the SQL dialects spoken by Oracle and MySQL.

Second. We've got to take note of the following while programming Luca - MySQL search strings are not Case-Sensitive, but Oracle's are, so some searches can be found by MySQL, but not by Oracle.

Here's a major showstopper. MySQL handles semaphores (so that we can prevent more than one person updating a database record at the same time) by names, but we had to use table locking in Oracle, which results in deadlocks, even with a single user logged in. We need to review this part. Maybe we're wrong?

On top of it, Oracle 10g feels significantly slower than both 9i or MySQL, when tested on the same machine. But then, we don't know much, yet, about tuning this beast. And this, I must stress, is not the final product.

It's interesting how MySQL gets more and more attractive all the time. Score one for the Open Source Movement?

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