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Mon 03 Nov 2003


Category : Technology/WebServeMonitor.txt

I wrote something that will pull my web server log into a Cocoa front-end, that I call WebServeMonitor. I can see that I'm still getting the usual hits on the Sendmail Enabler page but it's already outnumbered by those hitting Postfix Enabler.

Besides letting those who paid for Sendmail Enabler know they can now download Postfix Enabler for free, I've only sent it out to the people who've been asking for it the last couple of months - a case of squeaky wheels getting the grease. I wasn't sure there was even a need for Postfix Enabler, in the first place.

It's interesting to study how information diffuses over the web. I like looking through the web server log to see where and in which context our stuff's been mentioned. It's been strange to see something I wrote here coming back at me in the midst of all that look to be Spanish.

Anyway, I've put in something that may allow Postfix Enabler to work also on Macs that had been simply upgraded from Jaguar, rather than having been clean installed, or archived and installed.

My friend Yezdi is aupposed to try this out but he's still incommunicado, and it's time to turn in. I've put this version on the web page because it should do no harm. If it works, it will be great.

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