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Mon 01 Nov 2004

Address Book Plug In Update

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I've updated my Singapore Map Plug-In for Address Book so that it will try searching by Postal Code first. If it can't find a Postal Code, then it will try Street Name and Number.

You can download it from here.

I realised later, from monitoring the referrers on my webserver log, that Takashi Yoshida had already built something like this, so I am probably reinventing the wheel (except maybe for the one-click installer that I'm fond of building).

But I had fun doing it. And I did learn something more about scripting the Address Book that, I am sure, will come in handy in a future project.

Also, there should be a way to make this a general purpose Map plug-in - like, making it easy for people to set it up so that it'll work for any country/ mapping-site combination. E.g., providing a way for the user to add a new country and then enter the URL pattern of the relevant mapping site. The problem is to work out a smart way of deducing where the postal codes, street names or street numbers are in the URL of any mapping site.

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