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Thu 06 Nov 2003

Favourite Panther Killer Feature

Category : Technology/pantherFax.txt

Built-in Fax. That's my favourite. Do you know you can hook one Mac running Panther to a phone line and share the Fax modem you've turned on there with other Macs on the network?

Now, everybody on our network can fax stuff out their Mac, without needing to mess around with the phone line.

I remember how much pain our client had with their PC solution for group fax. That was an unholy mess. Apple's solution is even better than Page Sender. Definitely more elegant. But, of course, Apple's engineers have the advantage of controlling the whole widget.

On Panther, scanners can also be shared. We'll set this up next when we have the time. It'll really form the basis of a very productive workflow for an office environment. Isn't this The Ultimate Business Machine, or what?

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