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Fri 19 Mar 2004

SpamAssassin on OS X Server

Category : Technology/pantherserver.txt

I have SpamAssassin and the Anomy (Anti-Virus) Sanitizer running on the OS X Panther Server. There are some differences in how I've set up Postfix on OS X Client and how it works on OS X Server, but the concepts remain the same. I needed to tweak things a little and it works.

So I should be able to show how a message (that looks like it's spam) gets tagged by the SpamAssassin filter. And I've some attachments with known viruses (courtesy of Michel Poulain, who's been catching viruses since he was a kid; thanks, Mike, if you're reading this) that I can send to show how they will get caught by the anti-virus screen.

So, Leon and EC at Apple will now have an anti-spam/anti-virus solution they can package with their Xserves.

The Panther Server is interesting. I can hang on to the TiBook (that I'm running it on) for another week. I'm wondering why Apple didn't put the same care into the Server Administrator control panels that they gave to the iApps. I think there's a way to design the administrator interface to make it appeal to the IT geeks.

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