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Tue 11 May 2004

Postfix Enabler 1.1 Beta 3

Category : Technology/pfe1dot1beta3.txt

Beta 3 now includes an updated French localisation, contributed by Michel Pansanel, Postfix Enabler has included a French localisation since version 1.0.9, due to work done by Michel Poulain (La On behalf of the French users of Postfix Enabler, I'd like to say thanks to both Michel Pansanel and Michel Poulain. contains two tutorials in French about using Postfix Enabler. You can find them by following the links below :

Utiliser Postfix pour grer son propre serveur SMTP

Utiliser Postfix pour grer un serveur SMTP - 2 partie : offrir le SMTP un rseau interne

Beta 3 also contains a bug fix - again related to the SpamAssassin installation. If you turn on SpamAssassin, but did not have any SMTP-Authentication active (either using SASLDB or the built-in OS X user accounts mechanism), you will see this error among the log entries :

fatal: parameter "smtpd_recipient_restrictions": specify at least one working instance of: check_relay_domains, reject_unauth_destination, reject, defer or defer_if_permit

I need to make the smtpd_recipient_restrictions line look like this :

smtpd_recipient_restrictions = permit_mynetworks, check_recipient_access hash:/etc/postfix/filtered_domains, reject_unauth_destination

I'm misssing the "reject_unauth_destination" directive when no SMTP-Authentication mechanism is active. Thanks, Sean Alcorn, for reporting the bug, and sorry about that. Even though the number of combinations to test for is getting to be quite a lot, this is one bug that shouldn't have slipped through.

I've since fixed this and the Postfix Enabler 1.1 Beta page is now containing the best and latest version.

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