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Sun 09 Nov 2003


Category : Technology/qpopper.txt

I was determined not to use qpopper. I think I did it. I went back to trying UW-IMAP which has a Panther-friendly release. It's the power of adversity, really. Now I've got POP and IMAP, instead of just POP. I'll let it run for a day or two and then I'll take out qpopper from Postfix Enabler. It's much ado about nothing really. But it's no fun having a "License Breached" headline screaming out over your product, even though that doesn't seem to be the case, here.

It's nice and quiet now. My kid's sick but I'm enjoying this book I found yesterday about life in old Shanghai. I don't think we'll get back on versiontracker. It's too quarrelsome. I've taken out the 10 bucks price that some people had trouble with. We've just made it donation-ware. Guess what? We're now getting more than ten bucks. We should have done it all along. If you're looking for Mac software, try It looks a saner place, there.

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