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Fri 20 Aug 2004

Shared Fax

Category : Technology/sharedfax.txt

We've set up the server so it acts like a fax machine that is shared out to the rest of the network.

For example, I could be on any Mac on our network (even a new Mac that's just joined the network wirelessly), use the Print function, click on the Fax button, and do something like this :

RoadsteadFax is the shared fax facility that we've set up on the server. Actually, you can use any Mac running OS X Panther, so long as it's connected to a phone line.

This how you turn on the fax function on Panther, using the Print and Fax panel on System Preferences :

While you're on this window, look up the Printing panel (next to the Faxing panel), and see if you've turned on the check box : "Share my printers with other computers).

Then, turn on Printer Sharing (via the Sharing panel on Systems Preferences) and you're done. You can fax things out through here from any other machine on your network.

Notice, in the window above, I've checked the option : "Email to: ... ". This allows you to route all in-coming faxes to a designated person's e-mail in-box. This person can then forward the faxes to the appropriate recipient.

The whole process is totally paperless. And fast.

Currently, in the hostel project, I need to fax a lot of specifications to contractors. And contractors don't do e-mail. They fax stuff back and I retrieve them from my e-mail In-box. So I'm really glad I had set this up.

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