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Wed 23 Apr 2003

Is Beauty more than Skin Deep?

Category : Technology/skindeep.txt

I did it. I can now change the look of this weblog very easily without needing to change the weblog code. Just try it. On the left side-bar is an invitation to give this page a different look. Or, just do it, now.

I know they all look terrible because I just downloaded them from the free HTML template sites and this is just a quick hashed-up demo. But the point is that it now takes me less than a minute to turn any (and I mean any) web page design into a home for a weblog.

Of course the look must fit the ideas on the weblog, and that leads me to my second point. Look at the ideas expressed here (the page with the little green apples) and look at the same ideas expressed on, say, the Blue page. Do they feel different? Do they feel like they're conveying the same message? They're the exact same words.

I believe that the look clearly matters and this is not something that is obvious to the guys over at the PC world.

I believe that there should be beauty in the design of the user interface, as well as beauty in the design of the underlying system. And it's not just a pretty face because the aesthetics clearly serve a utilitarian function - that of helping people understand information better.

Without the Mac setting the style, this notion in computing would have been long buried under the rubble. We've still some way to go, this synthesis of art and technology. May the journey be our reward.

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