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Wed 07 May 2003

AppleScript Studio

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I encourage anyone with even a cursory interest in programming to take a look at the Sendmail Enabler code, if only to get a feel for how much AppleScript Studio can do with so little code.

Yet it is not a toy. It's quite possible to build quite intricate stuff with it. The important thing about AppleScript Studio is that while you're playing with it and going through the sample code, it may start to dawn on you just how much of a breakthrough object-oriented programming really is.

With object-oriented programming, you think like a manager (or blasphemously, like a minor god): you create your objects, imbue them with intelligence, and then you can get them to work together by sending them messages to work with each other.

It's not just more fun. It's a lot more productive. Apple's very fine visual development environment, Interface Builder, plays a very important role in this. It helps maintain the illusion that you're working with intelligent objects that you can grab hold of and move around the screen. Once you've worked with interface Builder, you only have to do some Java programming using Swing to see how often you have to do a double-take when this illusion of working with objects is broken (e.g., when you have to hand-code the parameters of an object, like size, shape and position of an object on the screen).

It's not just object-oriented programming that will make you productive. It's the whole package of little details that have been designed to work so well together. In other words, it's the "gestalt" thing again. Does Apple have a monopoly on whole-brain thinking?

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