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Fri 05 Dec 2003

Apple Xcode Seminar

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I'll be speaking at Apple Singapore's "Development with Mac OS X" Seminar on 19th December (at the Revenue House, from 1.00 to 5.00 pm).

I'm doing two sessions - "Building Reusable Cocoa and Web Applications using Java on OS X" and "Development with AppleScript Studio".

I'm going to be showing stuff we've been building over the last year and a half. These are things we could never have done, back in the days of OS 9. I would like to show just why we're energised by the possibilities and I hope people will enjoy the talk. But the key is in the demos. No one does demos better than Steve Jobs. That's got to be the yardstick, a big one though it is. Maybe I should content myself with finishing the talk without being an embarrassment. No, we've got to strive for greater things. Right? Let's see where this takes us.

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