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Sat 12 Apr 2003

Business Interruption Planning

Category : Commentary/bip.txt

I keep getting this junk to attend a Business Interruption Planning seminar for IT managers and CEOs. Fortunately OS X's shoots them over quickly to the Junk Mail folder. But now and then I read some junk to see what turns up.

If you can make something simple sound convoluted, you can make a lot of money, for example, by creating a seminar around it. I'm not sure what you get the other way round. What does Apple get for making difficult technology look simple? The undying enmity of IT managers?

But let's still try to make difficult things work simply.

I've set up broadband access for my home. With Airport, my wife could work on her TiBook anywhere she likes, and still keep an eye on the kid. We're working with somebody else who lives in a condo. Everytime I call her up to work on something, I could hear kids playing by the pool. In seconds, her updates are reflected on the server sitting by our office. It's such a great way to work.

But, small as we are, we have (not one, but) two fully-functioning disaster recovery sites (in the parlance of the IT managers). We keep copies of our server stuff on our Powerbooks. So I could actually run a server off a Powerbook from any of the three locations just described. Just one update to our DNS records at and I'll have our information served physically from a different location, with no break to business.

It's way too simple, right? But in a real disaster (which makes it impossible for us to get to our office), the procedures that will work are those that are the simplest to follow. Think different, anyone?

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