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Mon 21 Apr 2003

"If Apple's Dead, It's the Most Productive Corpse I've ever seen"

Category : Commentary/corpse.txt

Tom Yager writes another great article in defence of Apple from deep in the heart IT Ville - InfoWorld. "Tracking the innovation coming from this dead, irrelevant company is wearing me out."

Also, he writes "... watch any PowerBook user - they never turn their machines off. When they're not working on them, they play and explore. There are endless nooks and crannies in OS X that even nongeeks are moved to discover. All Macs should be built for constant use."

I think that's true. "All Macs should be built for constant use." Ever since I've had broadband and Airport at home, I'm never far from my iBook. There's so much more I've learnt to exploit, e.g., at the Unix level, over one weekend while waiting for the football to start, while the kid is sleeping, etc. I have a Windows laptop, too, but I don't think I'll ever have the same amount of affection for it.

I've been wondering if this weblog is ever read. Over the weekend, I've cobbled together a weblog monitor of some sort, using AppleScript Studio and a short Unix script. So I know that a couple of people (using Safari) wandered over to take a look at midnight and 1 am respectively. Would be great if they left a note.

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