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Thu 22 Aug 2013


Category : Technology/BookNapperPlusGoodReads.txt

I built this app called BookNapper so I can keep a list of books I want to read. Then when I'm in any one of the very excellent public libraries that we have here in Singapore, the app will tell me which of these books I want to read can be found there.


It's been working quite well and you can find it at the App Store. But what I want to do now is make it work with Goodreads, so the books that are napped goes into a Goodreads Currently-Reading shelf and eventually to a Read shelf. 

This is what I'm working on now (besides all the Mavericks stuff, that is, which I find a pain. Can't Apple leave us alone for a while so we can catch up with the technology, rather than change things every year?).

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