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Mon 27 Oct 2008

MailServe Pro 4.0.1

Category : Technology/MailServePro4dot0dot1.txt

I've released a new version of MailServe Pro. This solves a problem with the Fetchmail Log growing too big with time.

In version MailServe Pro 4.0.1, Fetchmail logs its activity in the System Log, which, of course, does get archived and rotated automatically. You can still view the Fetchmail-related activity in the System Log using MailServe Pro's Log Panel. But from this point on, /var/log/fetchmail.log is not used by MailServe Pro and can be deleted to reclaim disk space.

If I continue to use /var/log/fetchmail.log, I have to write my own script to rotate and archive the log file periodically. But Fetchmail needs a restart when the log is rotated. So it's all very complicated. Then I realised I could achieve the same result by telling Fetchmail to funnel all its log activity to the syslog daemon and letting syslog deal with all the log rotation stuff. It worked.

I'd rather spend my energy improving the other aspects of configuring and setting up a mail server. But having the Fetchmail log grow uncontrollably to infinite size was rather troubling. So I'm glad I at least got that out of the way. I'll have to update plain old MailServe for Leopard too, next, if there proves to be no trouble or nasty side-effect due to this change.

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